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Rule 8.05 Financial Statement EXHIBIT "A" IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI V. PLAINTIFF CAUSE NUMBER: DEFENDANT ************************************************************************************************************************
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Who needs Mississippi Financial Statement?

By the Uniform Chancery Court Rules, each party to a domestic case connected with economic issues and/or property division is obliged to furnish the opposite party with a written detailed statement of current income and expenses and assets and liabilities. All the primary information is to be indicated on the completed Rule 8.05 Mississippi Financial Statement. Therefore, for instance, both parties to a divorce must file and exchange their Financial Statements.

What is the purpose of the Financial Statement?

The Mississipi Financial Statement is a formal record of an individual’s financial condition that must be provided as evidence in a domestic case.

Is the 8.05 Financial Statement accompanied by any other forms?

As the evidence of the information indicated on the Financial Statement, the individual’s tax returns must be furnished as the supporting documentation, including all applicable schedules and W-2 forms or their copies.

When is the Mississippi Financial Statement due?

The given 8.05 financial statement form must be filed by the plaintiff before the due date of the defendant’s answer. Moreover, the defendant is supposed to provide a Financial Statement at the moment when an answer is due; however, the time allowed is no more than 45 days from the date of the commencing pleading filing.

How to fill out the 8.05 Financial Statement form?

The several sections that must be properly filled out in the Financial Statement form:

  • General information (about the plaintiff and the minor children if any);

  • The income details (including that the sums)

  • The information about expenses;

  • The data about the assets and motor vehicles;

  • Statement of any other personal property available, savings and investments;

  • Life insurance details;

  • Liabilities, etc.

Where to send the completed 8.05 Financial Statement?

The plaintiff must serve the completed 8.05 form to the defendant and expect their financial statement in return, too.

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